Moore Family Film, {Jessica Noelle Films + Photos, Wichita Ks, and Beyond}

When I was making this film for Ashley Moore, my husband looked over at me with tears in his eyes and said, “I wish I had something like this with my mom and our family.” His mom passed away a few years ago and it really doesn’t get easier. I think watching my husband go through the loss of his mother really put things into perspective for me. There have been many times we have looked at pictures of his mom, or even listened to old voicemails, just to remember for a second all the beauty that she is/was. I also, along with my husband, wish that we had some family videos of her. Seeing her move and talk would mean the world to us. With films you really can look back and remember all the joy that was. When someone is no longer with you here on earth, having old films to watch and take in every movement, breath, and word that is spoken can mean so much.
This is why I have chosen to no longer shoot weddings. My heart and soul is all about families. Either with shooting family films or photos, this is where I need to be. At my husbands mom’s funeral (Bobby is her name), I remember pastor Terry Williams speaking about how funerals are a time where we can open up the windows of our lives to see what is really important. When it comes down to it, we are all we got. We need to make time for each other, celebrate each other, and love as fiercely as we can. We honestly don’t know what tomorrow holds. <3

Thank you Ashley for trusting me with your family, your time, and your memories. I hope you treasure this for a lifetime!

Side note: Ashley is one of the best event planners you will ever meet. If you don’t know her work you should look her up!

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