You just booked a photo session. (Yay!) What’s next!?

Thank you so much for booking with Jessica Noelle photography! I am so excited to work with you! I know time is valuable and we are going to make the most of it. I can’t wait to document all those sweet in-between moments that make your family unique and beautiful. My Goal is for everyone to have fun and really focus in on how much you all love each other.

Now that we have set a date, I will be sending you a questionnaire that will provide me a little more information about your family. Please send this back to me via email at least one week before the session. You can expect to hear from me one week before our session date to go over the location and see if you, or I, have any questions.

I typically shoot at sunset for all my outdoor sessions. If you have booked a home session, we can shoot a little earlier if that fits you and your kids’ schedules better. For the most part, sunset seems to be best for all sessions. We will confirm the exact time one week before our shoot.

My sessions usually last one hour, give or take. I like to keep things moving to keep the kids entertained. Most of the time sessions fly by because we’re all having a good time (kids included!) You will receive approximately 150 edited images with rights to print where you wish.

If you feel like you might need help with the wardrobe part of things, here is a link to my Pinterest board. I feel like these examples very much fit my photography style. I always say coordinate but don’t match. But Honestly, being emotionally present with you family is way more important than being fashionable.

As you can probably see in my photos, I don’t use props. You are more than welcome to bring a colorful blanket to sit on/ wrap yourself up in, or wardrobe accessories like a hat or shawl, but in my opinion any other kind of prop just takes away from the images.

Throughout our time together I really want you to focus in on the love you have for your family. Please let me take care of the rest! Kids will sometimes be cranky. I got that! No need to bring snacks to bribe them or beg them to smile.(Better Yet, bring them full!) I would say 85% of my pictures won’t be you or your kids looking at me anyway. You will be interacting with each other. If your child smiles, I want it to be REAL. I will capture beautiful moments and I won’t ever ask anyone to say cheese! 🙂 That’s a promise!

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